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Proposed Terms and Conditions for Use of the Deacons' Homily Exchange


  1. By submitting your homily, you (the 'Submitter') grant the Archdiocese of Hartford permission to post it on the Diaconate website, in written and audio formats.
  2. Submitter retains ownership of copyright.
  3. Submitter represents that submitted homilies are original and agree to indemnify the Archidiocese from any and all claims of any nature by any party or parties.
  4. The Archdiocese of Hartford posts homilies on this site in good faith as a service to its deacons and other interested parties. Submitter is required to grant permission for reproduction of any and all homilies submitted this site for personal use, quotation in a religious service or inclusion in a bulletin.


  1. It is the policy of the Archdiocese of Hartford only to post homilies by its deacons that are original, and which do not violate copyright or any other law. Each homily posted on this site has been reviewed to provide reasonable assurance that this policy has been followed.
  2. By using this site you agree to hold the Archdiocese of Hartford harmless for any violation, in fact or alleged, of copyright or any other law of any jurisdiction. If you believe that a homily has been posted that violates any such law, you agree that your sole remedy is removal of the homily in question.
  3. Use of any homily on this site for personal consumption, quotation in a religious service or bulletin is permitted. No homily, in whole or part, may be reproduced in any form without permission in writing from the copyright owner. Any other use of the material on this site is forbidden.
  4. This site and its contents may not be linked electronically to any other site without the express permission fo the Archiocese of Hartford.
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